PWN Vienna Webinar: Me, my job and I – a reflection in times of change

08 June 2020 19:00 CEST - 20:00 CEST Online - Zoom


The Covid-19 pandemic creates uncertainty, means inevitable change and can be a moment to rethink our jobs and careers . It is in times like these that we are able to see more clearly what really matters and this might be a good catalyst for a re-orientation.

If you are at least a bit curious what else is out there for you. If you are sometimes wondering what else you could be doing and which other/additional job/career might make you happy I invite you to a reflective journey.

I would like to offer a few thoughts on what you could do to find answers to these questions and start your path of professional self-discovery. You might not know after these 45 minutes what you will do next but you will know how to find it out if you wish to.

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Online - Zoom
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