What We Offer

We offer you a home! A place to come to and learn from like-minded individuals. A safe place to develop new skills (via our tried and tested volunteering program), air your professional concerns and frustrations and find solutions! Become a member of the PWN Global community and you can: Access a ready-built support network that will help you achieve your professional aspirations Learn from a wealth of practical advice on how to deal with inequality in the workplace The offer is simple and effective because you can tailor it to your own needs by selecting the themes that will really interest you and help you to take your career where you want it to go.

  • Balanced Leadership

    It’s no secret that balanced leadership is no longer simply the ‘right’ thing to do – major research projects have shown, time and time again, that it’s the profitable thing to do. Forward thinking companies and professionals know that putting balanced leadership at the heart of their business strategies will lead to sustainable growth and profit.  Click here to access the latest trends and global thinking on balanced leadership. Understand what role you can play to boost your own career and that of others in a sustainable and balanced environment.

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  • Mentoring

    PWN Vienna Mentoring Program - A proven way to boost your career


    In the past three years at least 60% of the people who participated in a PWN Mentoring Program have gone on to achieve the goals they set for themselves, whether getting a promotion, making a career change or starting a business. Mentorship is important at every stage of a person’s career, whether they are just starting out or are a CEO, and the PWN is committed to helping both young and experienced professionals alike.

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  • Entrepreneurship

    Currently, 30% of PWN’s global member base identify themselves as Entrepreneurs. If you are one, or aspire to be one, this strand of our work can give you an excellent insight simply by introducing you to an established network of entrepreneurs. In addition to this niche networking opportunity, we can also provide you with lots of practical advice as you establish and develop your business ideas.

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  • Executive forum

    We recognise that the C-suite leaders amongst our members need have some very specific needs and this strand of our work caters to those needs.

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  • Networking / Events

    Networking is one of the single most powerful ways to boost your career - our mantra: connect, share, learn, develop, is exactly what networking is about. The more you connect and share, the more you learn and learning always leads to development. Take a more detailed look at the benefits of networking, how to do it, and the amazing list on online and offline events that we run around the world.


    21.01.2021 | PWN Vienna Workshop
    The Power of Goal Setting

    25.01.2021 | PWN Vienna Workshop
    Immunity to Change

    31.01.2021| PWN Vienna Partnership
    WU Executive Academy Scholarship

    09.02.2021 | PWN Vienna Linkup&Learn
    Press, Pressure, People - Leading in a Pandemic and Beyond

    16.02.2021| PWN Vienna Workshop
    Ladies in the Lead - Movie Learning Part I

    16.03.2021 | PWN Vienna Workshop
    Ladies in the Lead - Movie Learning Part II

    Take a look at the exciting events PWN Global and the other PWN City Networks have on offer - all great opportunities to start your networking efforts!

  • Knowledge

    Too much information, not enough time? Let us help you cut though the noise!! We present you with the most up to date news, reports and research by delivering relevant news from the world of balanced leadership, mentoring and entrepreneurship to this one-stop knowledge hub.  Check out some of the great information on offer (even more when you become a member!)

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  • WU Executive Academy Scholarships


    PWN Vienna and the WU Executive Academy offer Scholarships for Female Leaders

    PWN Vienna creates partnerships to increase the benefits we can offer our members, but also because working together with a variety of other organizations allows us to expose our members to a broad array of ideas and opportunities. We are very excited to be again partnering with WU Executive Academy, because their MBA programs allow us to do just that - help our member advance their careers and reach leadership positions, and get us closer to our goal of Gender Balanced Leadership. 

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