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Participants in the PWN Mentoring Program have gone on to achieve their goals, whether getting a promotion, making a career change or starting a business. Mentoring is important at every stage of a person’s career, whether they are just starting out or are a CEO, and PWN is committed to helping both young and experienced professionals alike.


Successfully established since 2009 - Mentoring is a Cornerstone of PWN’s offerings

Mentoring is a voluntary developmental relationship between an expert (Mentor) who is willing to share her/his knowledge and experiences with one or more people (Mentees) wanting to learn and profit from guidance to develop their personal or professional skills (Mentees). PWN’s mission is to create Gender Balanced Leadership. Mentoring is a method proven to help more women advance in their careers and into leadership positions. 100 % of the PWN Mentors would recommend the PWN Mentoring Program!


Benefits of mentoring:

  • Advice: Mentors provide Mentees with recommendations based on their own experiences
  • Training: Mentors share knowledge, facts, and information that support and enrich Mentees
  • Coaching: Mentors provide support to Mentees during their development and help them to visualize the desired outcome and see issues from different perspectives
  • Goal-Orientation: Mentors help Mentees to define their goals, analyze their current situation, identify the right strategies to reach those goals and, of course, Mentors provide additional support to take the required steps toward achieving their objectives
  • Motivation: Mentors guide Mentees during the whole program. Mentees take responsibility and ownership for their development and learning, and Mentors help them to stay on track and focused. Mentors provide additional help overcoming obstacles



How the Mentoring Program works

Those wishing to be either a Mentor or a Mentee fill out an application form describing the goals they wish to achieve during the program, their background and their experience. Mentoring topics include personal development such as improving communication skills and self-expression, work-life balance, professional development, management and leadership, entrepreneurship and career development.  Each applicant is interviewed by the Mentoring Coordination Team in order to get a better understanding of their expectations and preferences and to ensure proper matching between Mentors and Mentees.  Our matching system has a satisfaction rate of the matching higher than 85%. 

The program runs from October to June, with each mentoring pair or small group meeting on a regular basis (either in person or remotely). The Mentoring Coordination Team provides support throughout the process.

Curious? Learn more about the benefits of mentoring:

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What our Mentors and Mentees say about the program:


 “I came into the program serious about making a career transition but also terrified of what the future held for me. Thanks to my mentor and the program coordinators, I got on track and reached many of my ‘actionable goals’ sooner than expected. My mentor worked with me to adjust as our mentorship evolved with my changing needs and new perspectives. It was the spark I needed to get on a new path and feel I have the capabilities and skills I need, on top of an amazing network at the PWN, to take on a new career path.

If I could give words of advice to anyone thinking of joining the program as mentor or mentee, I’d say–invest in yourself by bringing an open mind, and dedication to your professional growth, into this unique relationship. I know both my mentor and myself did so and we’ve both become significantly better for it. I can’t thank the team of mentorship program coordinators and my mentor enough for their time, efforts, and support during this. I look forward to being a member of the PWN Vienna for the rest of my professional career.”

Jessica Kozlowski - Mentee


"Being a mentor in the field of „Journey to Yourself“ was a  very rewarding experience. I had a challenging process with my mentee helping her to increase her self-confidence, being more positive and also learn more about my own career development, discovering my true vocation and finding my best role in life through such mentoring. I am looking with great enthusiasm for the next Mentoring Program.”

Simona Ciucur - Mentor


"The PWN mentoring program allowed me to use my experience to have a positive, visible impact. My mentees were very well matched and our exchanges were fruitful. There were many learning opportunities for me as well. In addition, the mentoring team organized several workshops where I was able to exchange with other like-minded individuals and learn new tools and techniques, helping me become a better manager. 

The team of volunteer mentors is the most diverse and international group of people I have seen in Vienna!"

Robin Cefai - Mentor


Who is behind the PWN Mentoring Program?

PWN relies on the excellent volunteer work of several of its members. Our Mentoring Coordination Team is currently working to further develop the Mentoring Program, and to engage as many Mentors and Mentees as possible. You can contact the MCT directly at and send them your questions.

Anila Llagami - Mentoring  Program Manager

Anila supports Mentors and Mentees to link up and work jointly towards reaching their personal and professional goals. She has worked internationally, as a project and senior manager, in different industries for more than 25 years. A previous mentee in the PWN Vienna Mentoring Programm, she has lived in Austria, Albania and Italy and is a keen enthusiast of the development of young professionals. She holds degrees in economics and finance and has been a member of PWN Vienna since 2009.

Martina Jeric-Ruzovits - Mentor Coordinator

Having worked in multiple countries for over 20 years, Martina is an Intercultural Business Communication Coach and Consultant. She is passionate about helping leaders, organizations, and individuals reach their potential, improve communication, and build relationships based on trust. Her experience in the tourism and travel industry for nearly 14 years has led her to become fascinated by different cultures, languages, and communication methods. As a learning & development professional with more than 16 years of experience and a business owner, she is a valuable accountability partner for her clients and committed to supporting them in achieving their goals.

Viktorija Jordanovska – Mentor Coordinator

Viktoria is a Communications Expert, Systemic Master Coach, NLP Trainer and High-Performance Team Coach dedicated to helping individuals and teams find inner resources. With a special focus on personal excellence, leadership, communication and teamwork, she designs transformative learning experiences to inspire and motivate growth through experience.

Agnes Czibula Konda – Mentee Coordinator

Agnes is a financial professional with strong business focus and wide experience in change management. She has been working for international companies in specialist and management roles in Hungary and Austria in the past 20 years. She joined the 2020/2021 mentoring program as a mentor, she is taking over the role of a mentee coordinator as of July 2021.

Reka Salekovics – Mentee Coordinator

Service delivery professional with degree in Economics, Marketing and Management. 10 years experience in luxury, midscale and eco hotel segments in various departments within two major hotel chains and cross industry experience in the pharmaceutical sector. Expert in implementing new systems and onboarding employees. Passionate about supporting the future workforce in managing change as a volunteer business mentor.

Veronika Homolka – Mentee Coordinator

More than 8 years of international experience in Vienna, Regional Expert in Learning & Development for CEE, HR strategist to achieve the organizational objectives & inspire people around me. Talent Management enthusiast to boost people's talents in an environment where they excel. As the only respective Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps TM in Austria her focus is on the development of young and millennial professionals. Veronika led 100+ formal talent assessments, calibration of talent and established succession plans for all leadership positions developing employees on how to use various systems and applications, including L&D Academy and mass communication procedures. She earned her diploma in Executive MBA program (Central European Management Institute in Prague), Master in Business Administration and Bachelor in Applied Linguistics and Interpretation. During her executive studies she introduced her own Research Project named: Counterproductive Behaviour in the workplace. Veronika has been a member of PWN Vienna since 2019 acting in her mentor and mentee roles.

Sam Barbour Pringle – Mentor Supervisor

Sam is a qualified 1:1 and group supervisor for coaches and mentors. She brings a complexity attuned approach through her training as a Graduate Learning Partner with Crucial Difference and a Community Approved Group Facilitator & Supervisor for Presence In Action Collective. She uses the P6 Constellation framework to hold reflective conversations with clients for the purpose of learning, personal development and serving others. She will co-create a receptive space with you to uncover patterns showing up with your mentees and to celebrate your wins. This space also provides a place to attend to your well-being so that you can serve others. In her professional life she has held roles as CEO, Head of research and Chair for an NGO and before this she held management roles in the Pharma Industry. She lives in Scotland with her family and is passional about horses and our mind - body relationship with animals.


Code of Ethics

PWN Vienna, like many other organizations, is committed to maintaining and promoting excellent practice in mentoring. We are building our Mentor Program in a step by step process around a recognized professional framework. EMCC is one of the leading global organizations in the mentoring field. One of our next steps is to adopt the Global Code of Ethics set out by the European Mentor and Coaching Council. We anticipate that you can identify with the Code of Ethics as it relates to mentors and mentoring (it also applies to those who coach or supervise). We, therefore, ask all our mentors to sign the Code of Ethics as part of our shared commitment and desire to conduct our mentoring work in a professional manner.

Read and download the code of ethics >>  

More Questions?

Please contact the PWN Vienna Mentoring Coordination Team at

During the program, participants might be requested for voluntary feedback which may be recorded as audio or video material, or to have their photograph taken. This material may be used in the PWN Vienna Connect magazine or online social media platforms. For more details or respective GDPR questions, please contact our Mentoring Team.


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